My Background

Engineering Leader

Believe in and trust your team
Have led a team of Six Engineers in a remote first setting
Team out of - Phoenix, AZ / Las Vegas, NV / Venice Beach, CA
Weekly 1-1's, Mentoring, Quarterly Planning, Stake Holder Alignments

Marine Corps. Leader

Trained Marines to operate fuel management equipment
Sergeant of Marines - Squad Leader of 13 Marines
Coordinated construction of many bulk fuel sites
Mentoring and managing Marines and heavy equipment
Guided Marines through their professional development.

Tech Stack


C#, dotnet, Azure, AWS
Kafka, KsqlDB, Confluent
SQL, Cosmos, Redis, MongoDB
Kubernetes, Helm
Azure DevOps - CI/CD, Azure Container Registry

Prior Projects


Next Gen Scheduling

Architecting the next generation of our Scheduling Platform
Designed for ~10x scale- from ~200 req/sec to ~2,000 req/sec
Regional redundancy via Helm to Kubernetes - Three Regions
Supported on top of Kafka and KsqlDB, Cosmos, Redis
Leveraging IaaC via Terraform
Established SLAs, SLOs, SLIs - Monitoring, Alerting via Splunk & Datadog
Targeted 4x9s - 99.99% Availability
Rate Limiting via K8s Ingress & Application Specific Rate Limiting


Designed system around Event Driven design
Leveraged dotnet 6 for greenfield development
Increased performance by 20-30x
Achieved p95 ~150ms; previously 3-5s
Built on top of Redis cache
Leveraged multiple data structures
Hashes, Geospatial Sets

Real-Time Delivery Exceptions

Real Time data enables Analysts to increase handled events 5x
Decrease Time to Resolution by 300%
Ingests ~1000 new records every 15 minutes, aligns and creates new batch
System design to handle max of 2x orders of magnitude payload
~1000 msgs to ~100,000 msgs
Regionally redundant SignalR Azure Deployment feeds all state changes to clients


Reduced late deliveries (Pushes) by ~30% via detailed and accurate information
Deployed regionally redundant via Helm to Kubernetes cluster
Maintain a monitored and tracked 99.999%+ availability
Deprecated legacy SalesForce Push Platform